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“We Build Better Doctors”

The acronym OTZ stands for “One to Zero”. The name is taken from the binary system, which uses ones and zeros to initiate commands within computer operating systems. The binary system is a good way to describe the on/off threshold phenomenon that governs our nervous systems. OTZ has become well known for teaching doctors incredible patient analysis coupled with top tier patient education. The crowned jewel of our training modules is the elevated level of adjusting skills doctors’ possess after training in the OTZ method.  

OTZ uses three main principals to achieve our mission statement.


We have organized our training technique to include the patient in every aspect of their care.

  • We take logical steps that make sense to the doctor and patient.
  • Our examine style is called “TOP DOWN ANALYSIS” and as the name implies we leave little room for doubt when creating our care plans.
  • The principles that guide the report of findings build’s certainty for the patient, doctor and staff.


The key to success is a doctor with competence and confidence.

  • It is estimated that 90% of communication is transmitted through facial expression, body movement and voice quality. OTZ doctors posses a highly developed enthusiasm for the logic of “TOP DOWN ANALYSIS” and transmit that to their patients.
  • Our doctors are trained to use precise language related to the examination finding.
  • We sharpen the doctor’s skills through our own brand of examination, palpation and adjusting.
  • Doctor’s with a highly developed examination and treatment skills can effectively translate competence and certainty to their patients and staff.


All employees are committed to every patient outcome.

  • We educate the staff and patients using well thought out wall charts and language that is simple to understand.
  • We use certain tools to measure patient progress, which promotes certainty for the patient, staff and doctor.
  • The staff holds the doctor and the patients accountable to their care plan.
  • The staff sets the tone of the office by making each patient visit educational, uplifting and sincere.


Ninety (90)% of the energy our nervous system uses is in the opposition of gravity. To master this concept is to understand how we rest, heal and function. It is the secret window to “TOP DOWN ANAYSIS” and OTZ Training.