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Dear Chiropractors

We would like to announce with excitement that our analysis and adjusting “One To Zero” (OTZ) has been republished and presented to the World Federation of Chiropractors in October at Australia.
This is a huge milestone for OTZ, as it represents their dedication towards the field of chiropractic. It also presents a great opportunity to further explore the effects of chiropractic treatments on patients and the medical community as a whole.
The study contains invaluable data gathered from all around the world, as OTZ worked in collaboration with thousands of different chiropractors around the world. The research was performed over the course of several years, and now this data is a great achievement in the chiropractic field.
OTZ is proud to present such results to the World Federation of Chiropractors. We hope that this will be a turning point in the availability and understanding of chiropractic treatments worldwide.
We hope that many of you can join us in Australia this October to witness this momentous occasion, as well as learn more about the research and collaboration of the OTZ group.
This is an exciting time for The OTZ Group and for all those who have worked so hard on the project, and we look forward to seeing the positive effects that this research may bring to the field of chiropractor’s.
We will be announcing a Seminar in Dallas before the end of the year.
Check out our videos on YouTube. They are under the title dallaswellness.

Francis X.Murphy


The Certainty Factor by OTZ

This is an intense, hands-on adjusting seminar series that teaches the OTZ Method of adjusting. We attract chiropractors who are interested in becoming the outliers of their profession.

-Dr. Francis X. Murphy