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The letters OTZ are an acronym and stand for “one to zero”, which is the binary code in computer software language.  We know in computer software language commands are turned off and turned on and are represented by 1’s and 0’s. The OTZ Method attempts to modulate the human nervous system by turning on or stimulating some pathways and by turning off or inhibiting others, thereby affecting neural tone.  The OTZ method focuses on a specific subluxation that we call Hatcher-Murphy Subluxation or HMS. Since 2006, OTZ founder Dr. Francis X Murphy has treated thousands of cases of HMS using this technique with dramatic results. He assembled Team OTZ, which includes Drs. Louis D’Amico, Michael Hall, and Patricia McCord. Together they have trained hundreds of chiropractors from around the world who are also experiencing resounded success in patient care using  the OTZ Method!

Recently, the OTZ Team has had outstanding clinical success when applying its’ particular approach to the HMS in children. The hypothesis here is that this particular method has a dramatic influence on the tone of the nervous system. We feel that this may be similar to the Polyvagal Theory proposed by Portges. We are terming our success as the “polyvagal response” in support of his early work in this area and combined with our clinical approach to the HMS in children. Initial clinical experiences has been profound with conditions along the spectrum to include those diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s, autism, developmental delay, and others. Please see our website, www.tomorrowsgeniuses.com.

The preliminary results of the team’s findings with regards to frozen shoulder syndrome were recently published in the December 2012 edition of the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine.

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The Team

Dr. Francis X. Murphy

Dr. Francis Murphy grew up in Madison, New Jersey (Born 12.29.1958).  In 1978 Dr. Murphy moved to Dallas Texas where he entered into the family restaurant business.   In 1984 he opened “Murphy’s Deli ” in Atlanta Georgia. It was during his time as a young entrepreneur that his path turned to chiropractic. Dr. Murphy struggled with a personal health issue, which led him down a long list of medical interventions that were ultimately unsuccessful. It was a student attending Life Chiropractic College that finally diagnosed and corrected a rib problem that changed the trajectory of his life.

In 2006 Dr. Murphy made a phenomenal discovery, which changed the lives of thousands of Frozen Shoulder patients by isolating the cause of Frozen Shoulder Syndrome as a neurological disorder. Since his discovery, Dr. Murphy has been researching and developing a complete curriculum on the resolution of the true cause of FSS, dubbed the OTZ Tension Adjustment. He and the OTZ team currently travels around the world teaching other chiropractic doctors the OTZ Tension Adjustment for the treatment of Hatcher Murphy Subluxation, which is a severe malfunction of the biomechanics between the skull and spine. This science and approach to this malfunction has a profound effect on the normal development of children, vagal nerve tone, Bell’s Palsy, FSS, insomnia and a very long list of neurologic disorders. Dr. Murphy has personally resolved over 1000 cases of FSS on video using the technique.

The phenomenon surrounding these discoveries is the topic of discussion for many chiropractors and neurologists. These phenomenon are also the target of many proposed and current research initiatives.

Dr. Murphy has recently published a children’s book about conservation concepts for kids called “OUR GREAT EARTH”.  This book is Dr. Murphy’s answer to the question; What message would you like to leave future generations to come?

Dr. Louis D’Amico DC

Dr. LouDr. Lou D’Amico DC graduated valedictorian from Parker University in Dallas, Texas in 1995. Prior to becoming a chiropractor he practiced pharmacy for 14 years in both retail and hospital settings and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy in 1979. He is the president and clinic director of the Chippewa Chiropractic Clinic in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania which he started in 1997. During his many years of practice Dr. Lou has continued to learn innovative and cost-effective ways to heal the human body in a drugless and surgery free way. He has many tools at his disposal besides being a great adjuster, including traction to decompress spinal discs (KDT certified), muscle release techniques (ART certified in spine and upper extremity), nutrition, cold laser, and rehabilitation (100 hours of post graduate study). He uses his knowledge, collective experiences, and various techniques to design a care plan tailored to the individual patient to help them achieve an optimum level of health. His mantra is to reduce pain, improve function, and promote wellness thru chiropractic.

In 2006 he started on a journey with his colleague and friend Dr. Francis Murphy DC of Dallas, Texas who discovered a novel and very effective way of treating frozen shoulder syndrome called the OTZ Technique. This journey has led them both to the creation of a company called OTZ Health Education Systems. Dr. Lou is vice president and senior instructor with this organization and was the first chiropractor to duplicate Dr. Murphy’s success in treating frozen shoulder syndrome this way. OTZ Health Education has a goal of spreading the message to the world about this very effective treatment or frozen shoulder syndrome as well as training chiropractors and other licensed providers on how to perform this specific technique.

Dr. Lou has been married for 19 years to his beautiful and very supportive wife Angi and has two wonderful children, Louie and Artemis.

Dr. Patricia McCord D.C., C.C.R.D.

Patricia's Bio PicDr. Patricia McCord, DC, located in Toronto Canada, graduated Cum Laude from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in 1991. Dr. McCord runs two very successful multi- disciplinary clinics, involving complementary alternative health care practitioners with the intention of addressing a spectrum of health care needs for the clinic’s patients through natural means. In order to individualize each patient’s treatment protocol, Dr. McCord incorporates several chiropractic manual approaches (i.e. MPI, Gonstead, Diversified, SOT, OTZ), involving both spinal and extremity adjustments.

Dr. McCord’s path to becoming a chiropractic doctor began after being successfully treated for chronic postural strain by a CMCC student intern. She was inspired by the intern’s ability to positively affect the quality of life of her patients. It was clear that her career path at that time as a financial analyst would never prove to be so wonderfully rewarding. Awakened by this revelation, Dr. McCord embarked on a 6 year journey, left the financial brokerage firm, entered York University, acquired the necessary prerequisites for Chiropractic College and emerged from CMCC as a newly minted DC in 1991. Ever since, she has felt that this is her true vocation in life and has been in love with her involvement in the profession ever since.  As well as working six days a week at her clinics, Dr. McCord is a CMCC approved mentor and, in that capacity, has helped many students to gain additional clinical experience outside of the school environment. In addition to the formal mentorship program, Dr. McCord has always encouraged students to come into her clinic to observe a real life practice during the day, and to assist in the improvement of their adjustment and diagnostic skills after clinic hours.

In April 2011, at the World Chiropractic Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Dr. McCord was introduced to the OTZ technique through a seminar presentation she attended over the weekend. After over twenty years in practice and, after attending many continuing education seminars, she found it very rare to encounter anything startlingly new to help improve patient outcomes. Seeing the tremendous benefits that this technique provided, she immediately signed up for the course. Coincidentally, the Monday following the completion of the course, a patient came in to her clinic with a Frozen Shoulder Syndrome complaint. The same patient had required over four painful months of regular treatment a year earlier, by Dr. McCord, a physiotherapist, a massage therapist and an acupuncturist, for a prior Frozen Shoulder Syndrome on the opposite side. Utilizing the OTZ technique, Dr. McCord was able to help the patient restore her full range of motion in the very first treatment and, by the following week, the patient reported being completely pain free as well. This early success, and the subsequent positive responses from many other patients, prompted her desire to be a part of the OTZ team of instructors. Dr. McCord looks forward to giving back to the chiropractic profession by assisting other doctors to master the OTZ technique for the benefit of their practices and, most importantly, for the benefit of their patients. Dr. McCord is currently engaged in a new research project focusing on the benefits of the new OTZ treatment for Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. As well, Dr. McCord experience with the OTZ technique has lead to working with the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, updating treatment guidelines regarding concussions with persistent symptoms.