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The Doctors

Dr. Francis X. Murphy


Dr. Francis Murphy grew up in New Jersey and was a competitive wrestler from a very young age. He continued to wrestle throughout his high school and collegiate days. After finishing his collegiate wrestling career, Dr. Murphy moved to Atlanta Georgia where he entered into the family business opening “Murphy’s Deli.” It was during his time as a business man that his path to chiropractic began. One day as he was making his bed, he felt a sharp pain in his ribs. Being a wrestler, he simply assumed this would subside but in fact it did not. Over a period of the next 9 months Dr. Murphy spent $10,000 pursuing the help of countless medical doctors with little to no explanation or benefit. At one point Dr. Murphy was referred to a psychiatrist for mental evaluation, as there seemed to be no explanation for his pain, meaning it must be “all in his head.” Having exhausted what seemed to be all reasonable resources, Dr. Murphy decided this was the way he was intended to live his life with pain upon every breath.

It happens that one fateful day a student from nearby Life Chiropractic College walked through the deli doors. The student noticed that Dr. Murphy looked tired and the deli, which was normally in tip top shape had begun to look a bit run down. The student asked Dr. Murphy what was going on and he shared the story of his rib pain. It was then that this student shared a story about the benefits of chiropractic and how the body worked and why Dr. Murphy had such pain. He then invited Dr. Murphy to come see him at the student clinic where in about 1 hour and for $6.50 he changed Dr. Murphy’s life. Realizing that he had no idea how his own body worked and that he had to take the advice of a doctor simply “because he said so,” Dr. Murphy sold his deli in Atlanta and moved to Dallas, Texas where he attended Parker College of Chiropractic and was a member of the 1995 graduating class.

Dr. Murphy is now the owner and chief diagnostician at Whole Health Partners. In addition to his chiropractic education, he has studied extensively in nutrition as well as meditation and soft tissue techniques. In 2006 Dr. Murphy made a phenomenal discovery which changed the lives of Frozen Shoulder Patients by isolating the cause of Frozen Shoulder Syndrome as a neurological disorder. Since his discovery, Dr. Murphy has been researching and developing a complete curriculum on the resolution of the true cause of FSS, dubbed the OTZ Tension Adjustment. He currently travels around the world teaching other chiropractic doctors the OTZ Tension Adjustment for the treatment of FSS, and has personally resolved over 1000 cases of FSS using the technique.

Dr. Murphy’s FSS discovery and implementation of the OTZ Method was immediately shown to have a dramatic effect on a wide variety of other neurological conditions, which were occurring simultaneously in some frozen shoulder patients. It wasn’t long before the connection between the neurological cause of FSS, known as the Hatcher-Murphy Subluxation, and neurological based developmental difficulties in children was revealed. The OTZ Team of doctors, led by Dr. Murphy, has been researching and testing the results of using the OTZ Tension Adjustment for the treatment of Hatcher-Murphy Subluxation in children for more than 2 years.  The team regularly identifies and reverses this malfunction in children with developmental delays such as Autism, Asperger’s, ADD and ADHD. The preliminary results of Dr. Murphy’s findings were recently published in the December 2012 edition of the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine.

Dr. Murphy also is an adjunct faculty member of Parker University, participating in the Community Based Internship (CBI) program. The CBI program was developed to give the top chiropractic students the opportunity to learn in a real world environment, which prepares them for the challenges of being a doctor and businessperson alike.

Dr. Murphy has had the privilege of presenting his information regarding Hatcher-Murphy Subluxation and the OTZ Tension Adjustment to chiropractors from around the world. The following is a list of his major accomplishments:

Media Placement

  • OTZ Technique: Provider’s Training Manual, Second Edition, 2011 – Present
  • Spizz Magazine (article), 2013
  • Chiropractic Economics (article), 2013
  • Doctored (movie), featured chiropractor, 2012
  • Journal of Chiropractic Medicine (research paper), 2012
  • OTZ Tension Adjustments for Frozen Shoulder Syndrome: A Retrospective Case Series of 50 Cases, 2011
  • FOX Radio: National Health Correspondent, 2010 – 2012
  • Frozen Shoulder Syndrome (FSS) scientific study co-authored with Parker College, 2009
  • OTZ Frozen Shoulder Syndrome Physician’s Training Manual, 2008 – 2010
  • GQ Magazine (article), 2007
  • Medicine Men (book), featured chiropractor, 2007

 Professional Affiliations

  • Parker University College of Chiropractic, 1995 – present
  • Southern Methodist University: Treating Chiropractor for All Athletes, 2005 – present  
  • International Children’s Pediatric Association, 2013
  • Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, 2011 – 2013
  • Parker University Alumnus Chiropractor of the Year, 2011 – 2012
  • World Federation of Chiropractic: Biennial Congress Break Out Speaker, 2011
  • American Black Chiropractic Association: Annual Convention Key Note Speaker, 2011
  • International Chiropractors Association: Keynote Speaker, 2011

Dr. Matthew Rayner


Dr. Matthew Rayner completed his undergraduate education at the University of Windsor in Canada, receiving a B.S. degree in Psychology & Biology. Salutatorian of the Parker University Class of 2011, Dr. Rayner also received the Class of 2011 Award for Diagnostic Excellence, as well as the Award for Excellence in the Sciences, presented by Parker University. Dr. Rayner specializes in rehabilitation therapy and implementation of specific exercises and treatment plans to help address the specific weaknesses and needs of patients with neurobehavioral and neurodegenerative conditions.

 Dr. Rayner played varsity volleyball before devoting his time to focus on his lacrosse career. He thoroughly enjoys working with athletes and maximizing them to their fullest of their potential. Dr. Rayner spends his weekends furthering his studies in functional neurology and medicine and is currently pursuing specialized degrees in both fields to further his ability to treat and address the complexity behind chronic disease.

Dr. Rayner loves to educate the patients of Whole Health Partners with the hopes of making complex material easier to understand, so patients can be empowered to make healthier choices. Dr. Rayner holds health talks every month and welcomes all his patients and their family and friends to attend. Dr. Rayner plans on one day teaching fellow doctors in the area of chiropractic, neurology, functional medicine, nutrition, and rehabilitation.

  • Salutatorian of Parker University Chiropractic Class of 2011
  • Received Award for Diagnostic Excellence for Parker University Chiropractic Class of 2011
  • Received Award for Excellence in the Sciences for Parker University Chiropractic Class of 2011
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