Dr. Louis D’Amico DC – OTZ Health Education Systems
Dr. Louis D’Amico DC

Dr. Lou D’Amico DC graduated valedictorian from Parker University in Dallas, Texas in 1995. Prior to becoming a chiropractor he practiced pharmacy for 14 years in both retail and hospital settings and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy in 1979. He is the president and clinic director of the Chippewa Chiropractic Clinic in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania which he started in 1997. During his many years of practice Dr. Lou has continued to learn innovative and cost-effective ways to heal the human body in a drugless and surgery free way. He has many tools at his disposal besides being a great adjuster, including traction to decompress spinal discs (he is a KDT Decompression instructor ), muscle release techniques (ART certified in spine and upper extremity), nutrition, high power laser therapy, and rehabilitation (100 hours of post graduate study). He uses his knowledge, collective experiences, and various techniques to design a care plan tailored to the individual patient to help them achieve an optimum level of health. His mantra is to reduce pain, improve function, and promote optimal wellness thru chiropractic.

In 2006 he started on a journey with his colleague, mentor, and best friend Dr. Francis Murphy, DC of Dallas, Texas who discovered a novel and very effective way of treating frozen shoulder syndrome called the OTZ Method. This journey has led them both to the creation of a company called OTZ Health Education Systems. Dr. Lou is a senior instructor with this organization and was the first chiropractor to duplicate Dr. Murphy’s success in treating frozen shoulder syndrome this way. OTZ has evolved into much more than a frozen shoulder fix and OTZ Health Education has the goal of helping chiropractors develop outlier palpation and adjusting skills thru  intense hands on adjusting seminars. Our vision is to change the lives of the chiropractors we train so that they can change the lives of the patients they touch.